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GQ-398 Automatic Powder Packaging Line
Paper Presents

1. The units: a. GQ-398 Main machine
           b. Screw metering device
  Alternative: c. Spiral feeding machine
            d. Product conveyor  
Applications:Milk powder, protein powder, cocoa powder, soft sugar, glucose powder, dye, food additives, flavors and so on.
2. The unit’s technical parameters:
a. Packing speed: 20-60bags/min, packing speed depend on the packaging quality and material.
b. Bag size: w: 60-200mm,
l: 50-300mm,
Different film width needs different shaper, the length can be adjusted within a limited scope
c. Bag making type: roll film for packaging materials, the bags can be seal at the top, the bottom, and the back side, easy to tear the mouth or flat, a date printing device.
d. Total power: 3.8kw
e. Air consumption: ≥1m3 (the buyer purchase)
                 The buyer needs to purchase the nitrogen machine, the packaging machine has been with gas source when leaving the factory
f. total height: 3.5m

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GQ-398 Automatic Powder Packaging Line.doc

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