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Information details
GQ-520 Automatic Powder Packaging Machine
Paper Presents

1. The units: a. GQ-520 Main machine
           b. Screw metering device
  Alternative: c. Spiral feeding machine
            d. Product conveyor  
Applications:Milk powder, protein powder, cocoa powder, soft sugar, glucose powder, dye, food additives, flavors and so on.
2. The unit’s technical parameters:
a. Packing speed: 20-60bags/min, packing speed depend on the packaging quality and material.
b. Bag size: w: 100-250mm,
l: 50-350mm,
Different film width needs different shaper, the length can be adjusted within a limited scope.
c. Bag making type: roll film for packaging materials, the bags can be seal at the top, the bottom, and the back side, easy to tear the mouth or flat, a date printing device.
d. Total power: 3.8kw
e. Air consumption: ≥1m3 (the buyer purchase)
                 The buyer needs to purchase the nitrogen machine, the packaging machine has been with gas source when leaving the factory
f. total height: 2.8m
3. Different parts:
a. GQ-520 vertical automatic packaging machine

①.Characteristics: *Imported PLC computer control system, all Chinese / English touch screen operating system, clearly show the working state and operating instructions;
*Precise positioning with servo film transporting system, transport placidly, the photoelectric automatic tracking location system makes sure the high positioning precision;
*The temperature control system of intelligent digital temperature control, stability, sealing device with tooth, ensure firm sealing;
*With automatic fault alarm display function, such as low temperature, no packaging film, ribbon, no material, no color, servo fault signal, the alarm or shut down function can be set automatically when the glass door open;
                  *supported with metric device, the machine will automatically complete all packaging processes from measuring, feeding, filling, date printing, finished product output.
②. Technical parameter:



Packing speed

10-60 bag/min

Bag size

(L)50-300mm (W)60-250mm

Filling Range

Max 1500ml

Maximum packing film width


Thickness of film

0.06- 0.1 mm

Air consumption

0.4m3/min   0.6MPa

Packing material

Heat sealed complex film(OPP/CPP、OPP/CE、MST/PE、PET/PE)

Main power/voltage

3KW/220V 50-60Hz



The weight of switchboard


b. Screw metering device

①. Performance Characteristics: *Simple structure, reliable operation, maintenance is simple and             
                           *The screw machine adopts a rotary screw feeding, servo encoding, microcomputer control technology. It has many characteristics, such as encoding control in one, sensitive, low noise, stable, reliable, fast measuring speed, high precision etc. We also used a composite hopper which is convenient to clean up.
②. Technical parameters:



Packing speed

5-80 bag/min

Bag size

(L)50-300mm (W)60-200mm

Type of bag making

Pillow bag, vertical angle bag, punching device

Measuring range


The film thickness


Gas consumption

200L/min 0.7×105Pa

The total power / voltage

2.2KW/220V 50-60Hz

Appearance size


The switchboard weight


c. The spiral feeding machine

①. Product Description: This machine adopts screw feeder and vibration hopper. Suitable for conveying all kinds of powder and granule materials
②. Technical parameters: weight: 100Kg

Lifting height (standard)


Lifting capacity

3 cubic meters / hour


According to customer requirements


Production according to customer requirements

d. Product conveyor

The machine can automatically send the packed finished bag after - package detecting device or packing platform
Technical parameters
Transmission speed: 30 m / min.
Dimensions: 2110 x 340 x 500mm
Voltage: 220V/45W weight: 30Kg

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