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GQ-520 Automatic Packaging Line
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1. The units:  a. GQ-520 Main machine
             b. Teen heads combination weighter
             c. Supporting platform
             d. Z type elevator
             e. Finished products conveyor
ApplicationsIt's suitable to use in packing the high accuracy and easy fragile material, such as puffy food, chips, crispy rice, jelly, candy, pistachio, peanuts, beans, apple slices, dumplings, glue pudding, medicine etc.
2. The units technical parameters:
a. Packing speed: 20-60bags/min, packing speed depend on the packaging quality and material.
b. Bag size: w: 100-250mm,
l: 50-350mm,
Different film width needs different shaper, the length can be adjusted within a limited scope.
c. Bag making type: roll film for packaging materials, the bags can be seal at the top, the bottom, and the back side, easy to tear the mouth or flat, a date printing device.
d. Total power: 3.8kw
e. Air consumption: 1m3 (the buyer purchase)
                 The buyer needs to purchase the nitrogen machine, the packaging machine has been with gas source when leaving the factory
f. total height: 3.5m
3. Different parts:
a. GQ-520 vertical automatic packaging machine

.Characteristics: *Imported PLC computer control system, all Chinese / English touch screen operating system, clearly show the working state and operating instructions;
*Precise positioning with servo film transporting system, transport placidly, the photoelectric automatic tracking location system makes sure the high positioning precision;
*The temperature control system of intelligent digital temperature control, stability, sealing device with tooth, ensure firm sealing;
*With automatic fault alarm display function, such as low temperature, no packaging film, ribbon, no material, no color, servo fault signal, the alarm or shut down function can be set automatically when the glass door open;
                  *supported with metric device, the machine will automatically complete all packaging processes from measuring, feeding, filling, date printing, finished product output.
. Technical parameter:



Packing speed

10-60 bag/min

Bag size

(L)50-300mm (W)60-250mm

Filling Range

Max 1500ml

Maximum packing film width


Thickness of film

0.06- 0.1 mm

Air consumption

0.4m3/min   0.6MPa

Packing material

Heat sealed complex film(OPP/CPPOPP/CEMST/PEPET/PE)

Main power/voltage

3KW/220V 50-60Hz



The weight of switchboard


b. Teen heads combination weighter

. Scope of application: It's suitable to use in weighting the Granular, sheet, strip, irregular shape material, such as candy, melon seeds, chips, pistachio, peanuts, jelly, glue pudding, biscuit, chocolate, nut, pet food, puffed food, small hardware, plastic parts.
. Function characteristics:
       *Select the best combination immediately from diversified weight combinations through
computer with perfect combination of high precision and high speed.
*High precision data-type weighing sensor realizes precise weighing.
*Liquid crystal screen operating system in multiple languages such as Chinese and
English, etc.
*IP65 grade water-proof and dust-proof design. Its clean and sanitary with all stainless
steel parts. Full sealed design prevents accumulation of material and facilitates cleaning.
*It can fine the opening and closing speed of hopper door according to the features of
items to be weighed, and prevent crushing and blocking of material.
*With powerful digital automatic counting function, it can record the index for each batch
of product such as total bag number; pass rate and difference of single bag, etc.
*Optional devices: triply balance ball, suction hopper, printing device, tolerance sorting
*Strong compatibility and more compact structure with it directly installed on the upper
part of packing machine.
*Fast return for investment by largely saving large quantity of raw material and labor
*Net weight: 300kg   Gross weight: 370kg
*Power voltage: 220V   Power: 1500Kw   Frequency: 50/60Hz   Rated current: 9A
. Technical parameter:


ten-hopper computer combination scale

Range of single weighing


Maximum weight


Range of weighing precision


Measurement accuracy range


Maximum weighing speed

70 bags /minute

Hopper capacity


Hopper type

Bi-row hopper without memory


Step motor

Preset number for product

99 kinds

Size of machine body(mm)


c. Z-type elevator(rapping device)

*Introduction: the lifting machine is applicable to vertical lifting food, feed and chemical department. It lift the hoppers by transform the chains to lift particles and patches of material, its advantage is huge enhance and high enhance.
*Technical parameter:

Lifting height: decide by customer

Total power: 500w

 Lifting speed:0-17m/min

Lift capacity:5.5m3/h

Specifications: Can make material according to the customer request, carbon steel or stainless steel, and material contact part for food grade plastic

* Vibration feeding machine: transform the material from the material library to the material conveyer by vibration. The assembly of step less regulator adjusting conveying capacity.
   Maximum transport capacity: 2O/h; volume0.5m3
d. product conveyor


Function: deliver the packaged bags to the check machine or bale platform

Outline dimension: 2110*340*500mm


Transform speed: 30m/min

e. Supporting platform:

GQ-520 accessories and tools





Horizontal heater

500W/55V  AC


Vertical heater



Synchronous belt



High temperature adhesive tape



Print grain

Match the coder


Code machine heating pipe

Match the coder


Print ribbon

Match the coder


T type cutter






Inner hexagon spanner 



Open spanner



Cooper brush



Monkey wrench



Slotted screwdriver













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